Arquitectura de la oscuridad


Barcelona, 1973


Lives and works in Barcelona.

Since the late 90s I’ve participated individually and collectively in different areas of the photographic world.


As our depths reflects us, questioning us and exciting us ... so photography becomes for me the perfect link between the external and the most intimate.

I Observe time passing, journeying between subject and object without separation, always seeking to transcend the image first, exploring in a poetic way, intuitive, almost make believe. The look that is looking to be challenged, captured, stolen ...




2019 Sota la llum del mar, Sala El Águila,Photoespaña, Madrid

2015 In a yellow wood with Jordi Jové, Gallery Quilu Art Space,

Shanghai (China)

2004 FOTÒPSIA 2004. Photographic Spring. Castellbisbal, Barcelona.

2002 L'ART, Spring Photographic, Barcelona.

2002 Cajón de Pista, Tinglado 3, Tarragona.

2001 Bookstore Axis, Photographic Autumn, Orense.

2000 Photographic Space Can Felipa, Barcelona.

2000 Absence, Sala Golfes Can Basté, Barcelona.


2018 DelicARTessen, Gallery Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

2017 Selected Prize Exhibition of Contemporary Photography Fundació Vila Casas, Torroella de Montgrí.

2016 DelicARTessen, Gallery Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

2016 Selected to participate in PHE Discoveries, Madrid

2015 DelicARTessen, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona.

2015 An imaginary world, Ajuntament Alcoletge, Lleida

2014 DelicARTessen, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona.

2013 Circuit 2013, Shooting Life, Hartmann Gallery La Santa, Barcelona

2010 Self-portraits and other masks, Fundación Atriun Artis, Girona

2008 Gallery Names Art, Girona

2006 Selected II ABC Festival of Collective Photography

2005 Selected I ABC Festival of Collective Photography

2003 Festival VOIES OFF, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles (France).

2002 NEW ART '02, Antonio de Barnola Gallery, Barcelona.

2002 Rina Bouwen changes its space, Installation, PHOTOESPAÑA, Rina Bowen Gallery, Madrid.

2002 PalmaPhoto'02, Galeria Ferran Cano, Palma de Mallorca.

2001 PHOTOESPAÑA, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid.

2000 Photographic Spring, La Santa Cultural Projects, Barcelona.

2000 Cajón de Pista, Ateneu Nou Barris, Barcelona.

1999 Reality invented, Molins de Rei (Barcelona).


Spanish Consulate in Shanghai.

Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona.

Private Collections.